Labor law
and social security law

The labor law and social security law team is composed of three experienced lawyers. The team assists and advises French and foreign companies and executives on a daily basis, for advice and/or pre-litigation or litigation activities:

Labor Law

Labor law is a constantly evolving field, with sometimes very strong impacts for the company.

For the past 15 years, Grégoire BRAVAIS and his team have been assisting their clients on a daily basis in all areas of labor law, offering them advice and legal assistance as well as representation before the Labor Court and the Court of Appeal.

They intervene in particular in the following fields:

Drafting of the employment contract: after discussions with the employer to determine precisely his operational needs, our team drafts the employment contracts (fixed-term or open-ended), as well as any specific clauses desired by the company (neutrality clause, mobility clause, confidentiality clause, discretion clause, professional secrecy clause, non-competition clause, etc.).

Assistance in the optimal management of working hours: part-time employment, implementation of a fixed number of days, litigation related to overtime and additional hours, system for calculating working hours, relations with the CNIL, etc.

Breach of employment contracts and related litigation: contractual termination, dismissal… Grégoire BRAVAIS and his team assist our clients throughout the termination procedure, clearly identifying the client’s needs and avoiding the pitfalls of the procedure. If necessary, we draw up the template for the redundancy letter, help set up negotiated departures, negotiate settlements, etc. In the event of litigation, we accompany our clients before the Labour Court or the Court of Appeal.

Collective relations: negotiations and drafting of company agreements (profit-sharing, participation, working hours, gender equality agreement…).

Relations with employee representatives: Grégoire BRAVAIS and his team assist our clients in their relations with the Social and Economic Committee (CSE), the CSSCT, the union delegates… We also organize professional elections within the company, if necessary.

Payroll/employee portage: Grégoire BRAVAIS has been working for years with payroll/employee portage companies and has developed an expertise in this field. He accompanies and advises EPS in their daily problems (collective agreement of July 1, 2017, working hours, management of the financial reserve…).

Our goal: to make labor law an asset for the company and a source of sustainable economic growth.

Social security law

Social Security law is a technical field and sometimes challenging subject for businesses to grasp. This area demands genuine expertise, which Grégoire BRAVAIS and his team can provide to you.

We intervene in particular in the following fields:

– Assisting  companies during URSSAF audits, from the beginning of the audit to the eventual challenge of the adjustment made.

– The employer is bound by an obligation of safety of result and we help companies in the management of risks related to employee health. This includes: assistance with creating the single risk assessment document, responding to allegations regarding psychosocial risks, and dealing with the CSSCT (Social and Economic Committee)

– Management work incapacity procedures, contesting of notices of recognition of work accidents or occupational diseases.

– Defending employers in proceedings of gross negligence.

Grégoire BRAVAIS and his team help their clients to anticipate social and criminal risks as much as possible by providing practical advice, attempting to find negotiated solutions and by efficiently managing possible litigation.