Edouard Vauthier has developed a high value-added business law practice in litigation and contractual engineering, backed by a good knowledge of the figures.

He advises and assists French and foreign companies, their managers and shareholders mainly on the following issues:

  • Commercial, economic and financial litigation,
  • Liability and insurance litigation,
  • Collective proceedings,
  • Post acquisition litigation,
  • Disputes between shareholders.

He combines law and figures, in particular in the evaluation of damages requiring a good understanding of the economic and financial cycles of the company.

He intervenes in complex frauds and difficulties related to the execution of court decisions. He also assists companies in the drafting of specific contracts and partnerships in the area of joint ventures and equity investments. He has additional expertise in property law, which frequently leads him to deal with issues of inheritance and SCI, administration of assets consisting of real estate and movable property, and protective measures. He holds a DEA in domestic and international contract law (Paris XI – Sceaux) and a CAPA (EFB Paris – 2000), as well as a diploma from the Institute of Business Law (Paris II – Assas) and the Centre Supérieur d’Etudes Notariales (Paris).

After having practiced in two renowned business law firms, he co-founded SOLWOS Avocats in 2015. He joined DMS Avocats in 2022 as a partner and then ANDERS Avocats

Working languages: French – English